Who is Maa Jwala Ji

Story of Devi Sati and Shaktipeeths

The Divine Goddess took human birth named Gauri, destined to marry Lord Shiva. After spending years in prayer and penance, Her prayers finally bore fruit and, and Lord Shiva accepted Her as His bride. Gauri's father, King Daksha, once organized a huge yagna ceremony to which all the Gods, Demi-Gods, Sages were invited except Lord Shiva. Gauri felt the dishonor for Her husband. At the yagna, She got involved in a heated argument, where Daksha went on to disgrace Lord Shiva. Sensing that Her father was not be able to appreciate the Lord himself and that She was the cause of this dishonour to Her husband, She jumped into the fire of the yagna itself and immolated Herself. Thus, called Devi Sati henceforth.

Lord Shiva sensed this misfortune and was infuriated at the lost of His beloved wife. Angry Lord Shiva reached the place of the yagna and picked up Devi Sati’s charred body on His shoulders. He started performing the fearsome Tandava dance in anger. His movements sent tremors to the earth’s core and caused tsunamis all over. Upon request form the Gods, Lord Vishnu used His Sudarshana Chakra to dismember Gauri's lifeless body, following which Lord Shiva regained His equanimity.

Lord Shiva stopped the tandava upon realising that Gauri was not on His shoulders anymore. He calmed down and restored all loss of life.

Sati was later reborn as Parvati, daughter of Himavan, king of the mountains, who worshipped Lord Shiva ardently. Parvati too, worshipped Lord Shiva and won Him again as Her husband.
During this, Gauri's body was thus dismembered into 51 pieces which fell on earth at various places. All these places are known as Shaktipeeths and are prime centers of pilgrimage for the devotees of Maa Shakti. Maa Jwala Ji Temple is one of the Shaktipeeths, where the Tongue of Devi Sati fell.
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